Young people at Pine Ridge Academy adolescent residential treatment center work with an experienced team of professionals. The team includes a psychiatrist, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, chemical addiction counselors, certified secondary education teachers, certified special education teachers, nurses and dieticians. Our intensive therapeutic services begin the day the student is admitted to Pine Ridge Academy.

Upon arrival the student is interviewed and assessed. Following this assessment, the student is assigned a primary therapist. The primary therapist interacts with the child weekly during individual therapy sessions, family therapy sessions, and some of the group sessions. Additionally, at least once a week the childs issues and needs are discussed during the multi-disciplinary team meeting.

During the first two weeks of treatment, the mental health and other educational professionals will conduct a thorough assessment of the student. The team will administer intellectual, academic & personality testing as part of that assessment. Prior therapists, school personnel and family members are contracted to obtain an accurate history.

Two weeks following admission, the multi-disciplinary team creates a Treatment Plan, which includes diagnoses and measurable goals that the team recommends the student achieve while in treatment. The treatment plan is discusses with the parents and the student and while the student is enrolled, the plan becomes the working blue print for therapeutic interventions. This treatment plan in reviewed weekly and a formal report is written every other month, which addresses the students current progress on treatment plan objectives and goals. In addition, parents will receive a weekly feedback sheet describing their childs progress.The primary therapist sees the student for Individual Therapy Sessions.

Students at Pine Ridge Academy receive one individual therapy session each week with their individual therapist. Each therapist at Pine Ridge Academy uses a variety of approaches (i.e. cognitive, behavioral, systemic, humanistic, psychodynamics) based on the personality and needs of the student. Often students form a strong positive bond with their therapist, which serves as a prototype and vehicle for healthy relationships with adults.

Family Therapy Sessions are conducted weekly by the primary therapist either on site or via the speakerphone. The purpose of family therapy is to create opportunities for the family system to heal and change. The same therapist who provides individual therapy also provides family therapy. Family therapy typically provides the family opportunities to rehearse new behaviors and to give/receive feedback. Therapists assist the family with preparing behavioral contracts for the students return home. Parent Days are held every quarter at Pine Ridge. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend these days. The program begins on Thursday morning and runs through Friday afternoon. Parents participate in multi family group, on-site family therapy, and meet with the multi-disciplinary team working with their child. Students who are eligible can earn weekend pass time with their family members.

Group Therapy is conducted by a variety of therapists, each of whom has a unique style. All of the therapists who provide individual therapy also provide group therapy. We have found that this creates a dynamic, creative, and challenging therapeutic climate. Our group therapy sessions are a powerful arena for gaining insight about how each students behaviors and attitudes affect others. Students also gain a positive sense of peer support during group therapy sessions.

Students who have used drugs or alcohol will participate in Substance Abuse Counseling. At Pine Ridge Academy, students with substance abuse issues see the substance abuse counselor for one individual therapy sessions every other week and meet with the substance abuse counselor in group therapy one time per week. The substance abuse counselor oversees the students progress in the 12-step model and helps the student incorporate relapse prevention training and positive coping skills into their daily living. Students also attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the community two times each week.

Students medical needs are addressed by our psychiatrist and nurse, who collaborate closely when providing Psychiatric Services. Our psychiatrist (physician specializing in psychiatric issues and medications) meet with the students one time each month to address and manage his/her medication needs. Our nurse meets monthly with the student to coordinate medical needs and to provide a regular assessment of the students functioning.

Pine Ridge Academy believes that each childs problems and care are unique and that it is impossible to standardize the length of stay. Therefore, when a child is enrolled at Pine Ridge Academy, the initial contract is for 90 days; however, our average length of stay is nine months, with some students staying up to a year and a half. At the end of the stay at Pine Ridge, students may transfer to a boarding school setting, or return to intensive outpatient setting at home.

Pine Ridge Academy will help orchestrate the next step for the child. Treatment progress and length of stay is regularly evaluated by the parents, outside counselors, and our entire multi-disciplinary team. This way, families are sure that the period of care will be no longer than necessary. For families, this approach to length of stay helps contain costs and allows the child to return home when ready.