Family involvement is critical to the success of the child while in treatment and following placement at Pine Ridge adolescent residential treatment center. Pine Ridge Academy strives to include the family in the therapeutic process as much as possible. Families are involved in the following manner.

Weekly Family Therapy Sessions

These are sessions that the primary therapist conducts with the students and his family. They will be done either in person or via the speakerphone. Weekly family therapy sessions may include parents only or siblings or combined families.

Informal Phone Calls Two Times Weekly

Students at Pine Ridge are given 60 minutes of phone time each week to make calls to approved family members and friends. Student calls are generally made during the evenings between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Letters to and from Home

Students can always write to parents and receive mail from their parents. Weekly Feedback Sheets. Every week therapists, residential counselors, nurse, and teachers, complete feedback forms. These feedback sheets are sent to parents to provide information about their students current progress.

Therapeutic Leaves of Absence (Pass Times)

Students are given pass times with their parents. The length of pass times is related to the students performance in treatment as indicated by their level. Parent Weekends. Parent weekends include conferences with staff members, parents support groups, multi-family group therapy sessions, and informational presentations and pass times.