When you drive up to Pine Ridge adolescent residential treatment center with therapy, you will not see large dormitories or large buildings. The programs are designed to look and feel like large homes. Students live in a home-like setting, which includes living rooms, bedrooms, and a large family kitchen. In this residential setting, students learn the value of chores, positive interactions with others, and developing family relationships.

Trained Residential Counselors who oversee social interactions and provide us the chance to see how students react to authority figures oversee the students.

Residential Counselors also implement the behavior modification program. Additionally, these Residential Counselors become role models for appropriate social skills and many times develop meaningful relationships with the students. Students security and safety is closely monitored at Pine Ridge Academy. The home facility is secured versus locked. Security is also enhanced because of the small number of students. With only 17 students, staff monitors students whereabouts closely. In other words, staff knows where the students are and what they are doing at all times.

Because we feel strongly about the value of long-lasting family relationships, the Pine Ridge Academy program is patterned to assist students in acquiring a greater appreciation for their won families. Appropriate ways of acting and responding in a family environment are addressed therapeutically and educationally in a home setting. Our goal is to return our students to their families having developed the skills and attitudes that make them a welcome addition at home again.